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Table of Contents PAGE. 01 FH Extrusion Series Table of Contents u table of contents Exhibit Wall PAGE. 02 Hanging Sign Frame PAGE. 04 Free-Standing Large Frame PAGE. 06 Free-Standing Small Frame PAGE. 08 FH Exhibit PAGE. 10 Reception Desk PAGE. 12 Trade Show Exhibit PAGE. 14 FH1490 Knuckle Joint PAGE. 16 FH 2 Way Connector PAGE. 18 FH1490 End Plate PAGE. 20 FH Panel Gasket PAGE. 22 FH Wall Mounts PAGE. 24 FH Lightboxes PAGE. 26 Design Idea Gallery PAGE. 28 FH Extrusions PAGE. 30 Basic Components PAGE. 31 SEG Fabric Insertion & Packaging PAGE. 32

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