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Hanging Sign Frame 3' Width x 1' Height FH-HS-108-3x1 FH-HS-176-3x1 FH-HS-145-3x1 6' Width x 2' Height FH-HS-108-6x2 FH-HS-176-6x2 FH-HS-145-6x2 9' Width x 3' Height FH-HS-108-9x3 FH-HS-176-9x3 FH-HS-145-9x3 A.01 size.3x1 A.02 size.6x2 6' 2' 3' 1' A.03 size.9x3 A.04 .size A.05 .size A.06 .size B.01 view.Photograph [environment] FH Extrusion Series Hanging Sign Frame u 9' 3' PAGE. 04 hanging sign frame

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