Aluminum Modular Display System

  • The Angled Light Box

    The Angled Light Box

    AGAM light boxes just got a little less boxy

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  • Extendable PH1005 Extrusion

    Extendable PH1005 Extrusion

    At AGAM, we like to keep an open dialogue with our clients so that we can stay up to date with their needs. After a recent discussion with one of our clients, we found that they were looking for...

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  • Combination Door Lock

    Combination Door Lock

    With 8,000 possible pass code combinations, the new Combination Door Lock can be tailored to each customer. Combinations can even be changed on show site within minutes giving you ultimate...

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  • Deflection Calculations

    Deflection Calculations

    Ever wondered how long of a span you can run without any noticeable sagging? Which extrusion would be best? What about if you decide to hanging a sign from it or mount lighting on top? How much...

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  • FH7690 End Plate

    FH7690 End Plate

    As a designer at AGAM, I am continually presented with exciting challenges which enable me to apply my skills and explore my abilities in order to create the best new products for our customers....

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  • Raising The Bar

    Raising The Bar

    This past December AGAM received a game changing piece of machinery which takes our already industry-leading custom capabilities to another level. With 4 controlled axes, our new Aluminum...

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  • FH Curved Plate

    FH Curved Plate

    As a designer at AGAM, I get to see firsthand design trends and must “invent” and engineer solutions to meet those client demands. Over the past few years, SEG (silicone edge graphics) or fabric...

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  • New Product Launch at AGAM – New FH15

    New Product Launch at AGAM – New FH15

    SEG graphics (Silicone Edge Graphics) allow people the freedom to create large prints that offer excellent image quality, color, portability and ease of installation. AGAM already had an extensive...

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  • AGAM Design of the Week: Verizon

    AGAM Design of the Week: Verizon

    With the AGAM System, design possibilities are infinite. So, to help with creative inspiration, AGAM wanted to stoplight some of our favorite designs to help you visualize what is possible with...

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  • AGAM Predicts Trends for 2015

    AGAM Predicts Trends for 2015

    While we know that most marketing money is moving towards social media, few know that the marketing budget is for events, such as trade shows. Connecting with potential and current clients...

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  • AGAM Spotlight – Xavier Decludt, Founder and President

    AGAM Spotlight – Xavier Decludt, Founder and President

    AGAM founder and president, Xavier , was the driving force in bringing the AGAM Aluminum Modular System to the United States in 1983. As Decludt describes it, “with humble beginnings and a key...

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